Order a package Biofilter + Biodynamizer

or filter cartridges for the Biofilter

The purchase of filtration and dynamization devices (Biofiltre & Biodynamizer®) is financially advantageous because tap water costs 180 times less than bottled water. These devices are offset within +/- 3 years and allow savings of more than +/- € 1,000 / year for 15 years.​

Biofiltre filtration au charbon actif 3

Delivery of devices

The Biodynamizer®:

  • Dimensions Biodynamizer (cylinder + fittings): 90 cm x cylinder outer Ø: 160 mm, weight: 16,2 kg
  • Weight & Dimensions Biodynamizer + packaging: weight = 19.9 Kg, dimensions: length = 99 cm x width = 29 cm x height = 27 cm

The Biofilter:

  • Weight & Dimensions Biofilter: the unit (housing + cartridge) in its packaging weighs 7.3 Kg; the dimensions of the packaging are as follows: length = 60 cm x width = 19 cm x height = 21 cm;
  • The Biofilter filter cartridge in its packaging weigh 3.8 Kg; the dimensions of the cartridge packaging are as follows: length = 51.5 cm x width = 14.5 cm x height = 15 cm;
  • If necessary, additional filter cartridges will be delivered by a third-party carrier to the customer’s delivery address upon payment thereof. If possible, a tracking code will be sent by email to the customer so that they can track their shipment.

The Biodynamizer® and the Biofilter, and if necessary the additional filter cartridges, will be delivered by third-party carrier to the customer’s delivery address upon payment. If possible, a tracking number will be sent by email. ​

The Biofilter and the Biodynamizer® will be sent separately because they come from different locations and will not necessarily have the same delivery dates.​

Dynamized Technologies S.A. subcontracts the shipment to third-party carriers and cannot therefore be held liable for errors, omissions or damage to the appliances during transport. However, the devices are insured for the full amount.​

The appliances ordered will only be delivered after full payment.The bank details are as follows:​

  • S.A. Dynamized Technologies​
    Sentier Muraes 10​
    1440 Braine le Château – Belgium​
  • IBAN: BE07 3631 5650 2466​

​In the event of a complaint or needing after-sales assistance, please send a detailed email to the following email address: team@biodynamizer.com