Researcher: J. Benveniste (French doctor and immunologist)

J. Benveniste was the first to speak about the “memory of water” in 1988. He said that water captures, stores and transmits electromagnetic signals. He compared it to a magnetic tape. He demonstrated that despite the high dilution (10-30) of a biologically active molecule in water (HIV), it could still act by its electromagnetic signals (EMS) stored in the molecular nanostructures of water, while it was no longer physically present!​


Transduction, a sign of the “memory” of water?

Researcher: Luc Montagnier (Nobel Prize in medicine) 

In vitro transduction experience in 2005: reconstitution of the electromagnetic “imprint” = EMS (Electro-Magnetic Signal) signature of low frequency (between 0 – 20 KHz) emitted by DNA extracted from the blood plasma of a person suffering from a chronic pathology of infectious origin (bacteria, virus) via the molecular nanostructures of water (which bind in “domains of coherence” via hydrogen bridges) which act as if they were in the presence of bacteria or a physical virus!​

Memory of water: elimination of “contaminating moulds

It is by magnetizing water that the molecular chains of water will be polarized and restructured and would neutralize the energy footprint of the pollutants it contained (even if they are no longer present!). Indeed, by virtue of the theory of “memory” of water, pollutants would leave their energy signature (in EMS form) in the nanomolecular structure of the water that would capture it. It is mainly the magnetic vortex of the Biodynamizer® which will neutralize these contaminating molds. Without this the energy information would be communicated to the body water!​

Credit: illustration images from Arte