Dynamized water in companies

Does your company want to provide its employees with dynamized water instead of traditional water fountains?​

Dynamized water not only offers living water to all your employees but is also a much cheaper solution than traditional water fountains! No need to:​

  • Rent water fountains + deposit (if fountain with bottles; If network fountain: very partial quality and filtration capacity of the filter!)​
  • Expensive maintenance contract​
    • Quarterly maintenance of fountains with chlorine tablets!​
    • Administrative follow-up ​
    • Plastic bottles to be stored and renewed regularly​
    • Stagnant & non-dynamized water​
    • Environmental pollution: transport and recycling of plastic bottles generates a negative ecological footprint for the environment​

Contact us and we will be happy to analyze your request and provide solutions that meet your expectations.​

Our B2B solutions are the subject of a personalized approach which can include conferences on dynamized water in your establishment, for your employees, in order to make them aware of the importance of living water.​

Contact us, without obligation on your part, by sending us your request to: team@biodynamizer.com​