Objectivewe wanted to compare the vibration rates between dynamized water and non-dynamized water (energy measured in Bovis Units: BU = wavelengths; Angström). These measurements were taken by a dozen geobiologists from different countries.


The vibratory rate of the dynamized water measured with the Lecher Antenna  was as follows:

  • Distilled water: 3,000 BU
  • Tap water: between 2,500 to 5,000 BU
  • Bottled mineral water: +/- 5,000 BU
  • Natural spring water gushing from its source: 10 to 15,000 BU
  • Dynamized water: +/- 15,000 BU


Unanimously, dynamized water obtains a vibration rate comparable to a natural spring water.

* Concordant measurements of a dozen different geobiologists / dowsers (measure the energy vibration or telluric & cosmic vibration rate)