At all the taps of the house !

You get water equivalent to mountain water at all the taps in the house! Either water:

  • benefiting from more energy (photonics)
  • more hydrating (lower surface tension)
  • less oxidized (lower redox potential)
  • whose purification prevents chlorination residues from entering the body
  • The limescale is transformed: the Biodynamizer® transforms the crystalline structure of the limescale (from calcite to aragonite) in order to prevent it from clogging the pipes => the nuisance of limescale is reduced!​​

An ecological solution!

  • No more plastic bottles​
  • No more salt (no need for a softener anymore, depending on the hardness of your city water)​
  • No more transportation of water bottles (water now comes from the existing city water)​
  • A greatly reduced ecological footprint​

pollution par les plastiques

Good news for food lovers​

  • Meals cooked with dynamized water gain in taste and freshness.
  • It turns out that the cooking time of vegetablesricepotatoes … in dynamized water is shortened.

Howeverit should be noted that the qualities of water dynamization (structure & energy) are preserved up to a maximum of 80 ° C and that they disappear upon evaporation when it boils (at 100 ° C).

légumes cuit à l'eau biodynamisée
eau dynamisée est plus mouillante

Your laundry is  even softer and cleaner​

  • The dynamized water has an increased cleaning power.
  • Water penetrates better into the tissues and cleans more deeply.
  • Our customers tell us that their laundry is softer.