Purified (filtration) & Dynamized water (restructuring – energization) ​

To benefit from living water as it is found in nature, it should be filtered (activated carbon filter), then restructured (Biodynamizer®), and finally energized (Biodynamizer®). These 3 stages which constitute the process of dynamization (or revitalization) of water make it possible to regenerate it to the equivalence of mountain water.

Dynamizing your water means:

Purifying water from the pollutants it may contain

3d illustration of molecule model. Science background with molecules and atoms

Structuring the water (which allows it to better capture energy).

3d illustration of glass molecules. Atoms connection concept. Ab

Amplifying the Energy in water so that it becomes living water again equivalent to mountain water

Our solutions: filtration & dynamization of tap water

An award-winning device in the SIRHA innovation competition in Lyon, France in 2021​