Dynamize your tap water in order to make it comparable to mountain water!

Dynamize water means to restore all of its natural energy and its original structure. This is what the Biodynamizer® water dynamizer does. It instantly reproduces, by biomimicry, the movements of water flowing freely in nature. This 100% natural technology can regenerate the water from all the taps in a home to make it comparable to mountain water. Water energizes, revitalizes, regenerates or invigorates thanks to the 3 basic principles of water dynamization.

The 3 basis principles of energizing water in the Biodynamizerbiomimicry

Vortex d'eau 08

The natural movement of water in nature is the vortex; there is a strong interaction between the kinetic energy of the vortex and the magnetic energy emitted by permanent magnets.

Earth is a magnetosphere whose magnetism is communicated to water & minerals.

Water captures the energies of minerals and noble metals (Carrara Marble, Lava rock, informed Ceramic & Copper, Gold and Silver)

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