Laboratory: Coramp laboratory using scientific image processing software developed by Raymond Herren, electronics engineer at CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research, France) in order to interpret the electrophotonic images obtained by the corona effect; This research and development work has been certified by the Regional Delegation for Research and Technology Midi-Pyrénées, France (Ministry of Higher Education and Research), after validation with academic experts in the field of biophotonics; analysis carried out on behalf of SA Dynamized Technologies on 07/09/2019.​

Methodology: the electrophotonic camera measures the photonic discharges of water subjected to an electric field (110 Hz signal = close tothe frequency pulsed by the living!) Which in turn creates an electromagnetic fieldThese pulses reflect the energy absorbed and transmitted by water according to the principle of the crown effect (photo Kirlian). The camera records in the ultraviolet light spectrum and perceives practically all of the photons in the air around the water sample (information of the living goes through the UV spectrum)! For this analysis, 12 captures of 3 different waters (once dynamized and once non-dynamizedwere taken of each liquidie 72 captures in all, which allows statistical reliability. The photos are taken in Tiff (digital imagery) and FFT (scientific imagery) format.

George Vieilledent
Processus analyse électrophotonique labo

Observation of TIFF images:

Analysis of the energy value of a liquid, in the electron / photon sense *, expressed in Joule in each pixel. We measure the quantity of photons (light particlesemitted by observing the luminescence or flames or “streamers” generated by the escape of electrons which become photons in contact with the air. This involves measuring the intensity of the light emitted by observing the gray levels measured = number of photons in each pixel: 1 pixel = +/- 10,000 photons (at saturation) = electron volts converted to Joules = pure energy

* All living tissue emits ultra-low photons or biophotons; Biophotons are involved in intercellular and neuronal communication (through optical communication channels)! Photons appear in the visible spectrum, but above all in ultra-violet; See on this subject the work of F.A. Popp & Alexander Gurwitch: “Biological phenomena such as intracellular and intercellular communication, cell growth and differentiation, interactions between biological systems and microbial infections can be understood in terms of biophotons. “And the work of R. Van Wijk of the Department of Molecular Biology of the University of Utrecht ” Bio-photons and Bio-communication “.

The electrophotonic camera notes an increase in the amplitude of light radiation & a decrease in surface tension in dynamized water​

The luminescence of dynamized water around the crown is longer and more intense (the amplitude of the light radiation is greater and the water radiates more light, see table below) and is more numerous and regular than that of tap water. This means that it contains more energy in terms of photons – electrons.​ This is consistent with the observations made in Bioelectronic test and in particular Vincent’s factor W which confirms the greater retention of energy in dynamized water.

The shape of the dynamized drop of water is more spread out / stretched (the drop of water spreads on the electrode) because its surface tension is lower => it is likely that this will allow a better cellular hydration because it is more “wetting”, dynamized water penetrates better into the tissues.​

Attempt to explain the increase in light radiation observed in dynamized water by quantum mechanics (Planck, Bohr, Einstein):

It is probable that the electrons of the water molecule, which vibrate at certain frequencies, are de-excited by the magnetism of the Biodynamizer, and therefore pass to a lower orbital electronic layer* releasing photonic energy = quantum of energy (and this in proportion to the energy difference between these 2 levels).

The magnetic field emitted by the Biodynamizer on the water molecules (which are dipoles) should indeed have an influence on the orbital layer of the electrons passing towards a lower electronic level by Zeeman effect* as well as on the spin of the electron (i.e. the rotation of the electron around its axis, which generates a magnetic field, Uhlenbeck/Goudsmit). H2O molecules should therefore oscillate at lower frequencies**.

* Zeeman effect: splitting of the electronic levels of the atom into sub-levels under the influence of a magnetic field

** the circumference of the orbital loop being an integer multiple of the wavelength, if we move to a lower layer, the frequency must drop (see in this regard the observations made by the Bioscope spectrometer on the transfer of energy towards low frequency levels in dynamized water)

Photonic bridges: the energy of dynamized water seems to be more transmitted to the energy of the body

Electrophotonic bridge - Biodynamizer

Photonic bridges are used to measure the degree of energy “biocompatibility” between the energy of dynamized water and the energy of the human body (its affinity or its resonance).

Process: Special quartz electrode successively containing tap water & dynamized tap water + apposition of the 10 fingers of the human body. Observation of photonic bridges (ionic winds = energy transfersbetween water and the fingers located at 3 mm.

Observation: dynamized water has a much greater energy compatibility visualized by the systematic manifestation of photonic bridges and their very large amplitude which even go well beyond the periphery of the fingers! Observation made 20 times on 2 x 10 fingers. In terms of overall energy (in the electron-photon sense) the affinities between dynamized water and the fingers are very much higher“! This is the first time that this has been observed in the 10 years of the existence of the electrophotonic camera.

The energy present in dynamized water seems to be transmitted to the energy of the body! This is illustrated in the photo above by the “bridges” of photonic light between the water container and the finger which is carried out in 100% of the cases, and in a very clearly superior and systematic way, for biodynamized water >< tap water. This illustrates the energy compatibility of biodynamized water.​ See in this regard the importance of membrane voltage

The electrophotonic camera observes often a much wider energy radiation in dynamized water

Electrophotonic amplitude FFT - Biodynamizer

Frequency images FFT (Fast Fourier Transform in ICA format): the radiation of the visible light spectrum (yellow & purple color) is clearly larger and extended in dynamized water >< tap water, which indicates greater spatial distribution of energy and therefore a greater radiation of this energy. Dynamized water indeed contains more photons which radiate further (Hot Spot Pixel 14% higher). This is also seen in the Tiff format images!​

The electrophotonic camera observes often greater structural & vibrational harmony in dynamized water

Photonic structure FFT - Biodynamizer

FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) frequency imaging also reveals the intimate geometric structure of water. The structure of dynamized water turns out to be more symmetrical, regular, coherent and harmonious and often of hexagonal shape in its center >< tap water. These geometric shapes imprinted by the energy frequency in water reveal its molecular structure which constitutes the “reading grid” of the energy-information which crosses it. Water is a magnetic tape that captures and transmits this energy. We suppose that the more harmonious and coherent the geometric structure of water is, the greater its potential for transmitting this energy will be! “Energy codes, water decodes, human encodes”; See also the similarities with water crystals, especially in terms of hexagonal shapes!​