• FILTRATION 1: Pre-filtration: Spunbond (made with thermally welded filaments, 100% polypropylene) mixed with Aqualen® fiber. Sediment filter which retains particles of iron, sand and neutralizes the development of germs, bacteria etc … and protects the activated carbon block
  • FILTRATION 2: The Carbon Fiber Block is composed of activated carbon from granulated coconut (Carbon Fiber Block) sintered and mixed with the Aqualen® fiber. The activated carbon is obtained after calcination of the coconut shells by injection of pressurized water vapor = physical phenomenon of the fixing of polluting molecules by the difference in polarity between the pollutant (+) and the activated carbon (-); activated carbon is regenerated by oxidation
  • FILTRATION 3: Aqualen® porous fiber (US patent 6514413 ; fiber with a diameter of 10 µm), mixed with activated carbon. This fiber resembles the roots of a tree which bind the granules of activated carbon into a dense structure. Its function is threefold, it:
    • allows to have a very large adsorption surface, i.e. 1,000 cm2 / g (33 times greater than that of conventional filters), that is to say a good distribution of water over the entire surface of the activated carbon (this avoids preferential water channels)
    • physically retains pollutants in its structure up to diameters of 5 µm (physical filtration of heavy metals, bacteria, arsenic and parasites)
    • incorporates in its structure ionized silver (negatively charged) which is bactericidal (neutralizes microorganisms, antibiotics, etc.), the silver is therefore not mixed with the activated carbon but retained in the microfiber