Dynamized water seems to be more biocompatible:

  • From an energetic point of view: dynamized water transmits more energy in the form of photons to our energetic body (see the electrophotonic analysis and the expertise of this analysis by Prof. M. Henry)
  • From a microbiotic point of view, dynamized water has an inhibiting power on the growth of pathogenic bacteria of the intestinal microbiota (see microtoxo analysis)
  • From a metabolic point of view:
    • dynamized water should promote cellular nutrition and the detoxification of metabolic waste (see on this subject the section membrane voltage and the influence of magnetism on water)
    • because the elimination of inorganic minerals should be done via the intestines rather than via the kidneys (without overloading them) due to their transformation into colloidal form (see on this subject the BEV analysis and the mineral restructuring section)
  • From a physiological point of view:
    • dynamization very significantly reduces water oxidation (see BEV analysis)
    • dynamized water should be much more hydrating for the cells (see the analysis on the surface tension of dynamized water)