Researchers: Ernst Braun & Sarah Steinmann​

Analysis of the geometry of the water crystals ordered by SA Dynamized Technologies in September 2016 & July 2019​

Process: 22 photos taken under a microscope (magnification x 200> <500), of frozen water at – 30 ° C in a petri dish giving crystals on the tip of the ice. The crystals appear at – 5 ° C for 20 to 30 sec. (when the lamp illumination shines the crown of the frozen drop of water).​

Process for making photos of water crystals

Analysis of the geometric structure of dynamized water:

Crystallized dynamized water (solid) has a hexagonal structure comparable to that of natural water which springs spontaneously from its source. This harmonious structure is presented as a simple and complete hexagonal heart (honeycomb structure which is the universal structure of the universe) surrounded by 6 fractally structured ramifications (symmetrical, regular and redundant superstructure) ; Each water crystal is made up of +/- 600 molecules of water linked by hydrogen bridges. It can be compared in this regard to the studies of Pr. Mu Shik Jhon on the hexagonal structure of liquid water (micro-cluster of 6 molecules) which he considers to be the most natural and stable structure of water, capable of storing maximum energy. Conversely, tap water appears to have a completely disordered solid structure (crystal).

cristallisation de l'eau - Mazaru Emoto

Tap water

crystallization Mazaru Emoto

Biodynamized water

A water crystal is made up of 600 H2O moleculesThomas Zeuch Institut für Physikalische Chemie in Göttingen, Germany analysis of vibrational spectroscopy

The energy footprints transmitted by dynamized water are equivalent to those of mountain water!

Comparison of a tap water crystal >< 3 biodynamized tap water crystals from 3 different countries (Rhode St. Genèse in Belgium, Brens in France & Uttigen in Switzerland) and immersed in a bottle of distilled water: only biodynamized water gives 6 superb water crystals which illustrate its energetic vibration!​