Installation & Maintenance

The installation of the Biofilter and the Biodynamizer® is simple and is done by any professional plumber. The Biodynamizer® requires no maintenance, no consumables, no electricity and produces no loss of water. Only the filter cartridge needs to be replaced every 150,000 liters or max every year.​

The Biofilter and the Biodynamizer® can be installed by any professional plumber just after the mains water meter. It needs +/- 1 m2.​


    • Placement by any professional plumber​
    • Standard connections (3/4 ‘’ brass connections)​
    • The appliances operate without electricity, without needing drainage and without the use of salt or chemical agents (only the filter cartridge must be replaced every 150m3 and max every year)​

Maintenance of the Biofilter: replacement of the filter cartridge

The Biofilter contains a filter cartridge with a capacity of 150 m3 (150,000 liters) and a maximum of 1 year. Depending on the number of consumers, this is equivalent to a water consumption of +/- 8 months for 5 persons (at an average consumption of 30m3 / year / person); It is important to renew the filter cartridge after these parameters have been reached because, beyond the capacity indicated, the cartridge is likely to become clogged and lose efficiency, with the consequence that its microbial load can become excessive. ! The cartridge can be changed in 5 minutes without the intervention of a plumber! It is advisable to let the water run for 10 minutes after replacing the cartridge! The air will escape through the open water tap (the opaque appearance of the water is actually air mixed with water). After several minutes of water flow, the air present in the pipes will disappear and the water will be immediately transparent again!​

Given the consumption, water quality and sanitary installation variables, the responsibility for renewing the cartridge is the responsibility of the customer and not SA Dynamized Technologies.​

When replacing the cartridge, it is also useful to check the effectiveness of the seals (o-rings) that encase.​

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