« The biodynamizer® is a hydrodynamic device that reproduces the natural cycle of water in an accelerated way by copying its movement as it flows freely in nature. This 100% natural technology makes it possible to biodynamize tap water so that it regains its characteristics of living water comparable to that which flows in nature, that is to say regenerated and vivified water thanks to the following 3 basis principles of dynamization: the movement, the magnetism and the natural vibrational frequencies. Such dynamized water has qualities comparable to those of water which springs spontaneously from the Earth by its own energy or from mountain or cascade water.​

The Biodynamizer ® is the most complete water dynamization device on the market because it applies 21 principles of dynamization of water using the “Biodynamized Technology System » process. ​The Swiss water specialist, Benoît Saint Girons, has just described it in his book as “the most efficient water dynamizer system on the market” by assigning it a score of 18/20, the highest rating , in his book written in 2020 “the quality of water” (written in French)!

The 3 basis principles of energizing water in the Biodynamizerbiomimicry

Vortex d'eau 08

The natural movement of water in nature is the vortex; there is a strong interaction between the kinetic energy of the vortex and the magnetic energy emitted by permanent magnets.

Earth is a magnetosphere whose magnetism is communicated to water & minerals.

Water captures the energies of minerals and noble metals (Carrara Marble, Lava rock, informed Ceramic & Copper, Gold and Silver)

The advantages of water dynamized by the Biodynamizer

femme qui boit de l'eau biodynamisée - revitalisée

The pure, round and sweet taste of water that hydrates. Biocompatible water from an energetic and microbiological point of view.​

water molecule

Water containing as much energy (photonics) as mountain, waterfall or natural spring water. The movement of nature generates the energy of nature!​

Dynamized water throughout the house, at all taps, baths, showers but also for your coffee, tea, soups, vegetables. For the whole family, animals, plants,…​

Protégeons notre environnement

An ecological and economical solution respectful of the environment, no need for plastic bottles anymore.​