Dynamized water is filled with energy

  • Biodynamized water is water filled with energy (in photonic terms) like mountain or cascade water. This energy comes from the vortex movements it follows in the Biodynamizer® as well as from the magnetic fields emitted by the permanent magnets it contains. This energy will influence the molecular structure of water and ionize the minerals it carries. All this energy will be used for cellular communication and metabolic functioning (see study about Biophotons)!​
  • ​The energy of biodynamized water has a greater photodiversity (in terms of quality and stability). We believe this makes biodynamized water more compatible with the energy of the living.​
  • This additional energy strengthens the energy field of humans, which helps fight bacteria & viruses that degrade low energy environments. “The terrain is everything, the germ is nothing” Antoine Béchamp.​
  • However, it should be noted that the qualities of dynamized water (structure & energy) are preserved up to a maximum of 80 ° C and that they disappear upon evaporation when it boils (at 100 ° C).​

Conclusions on energizing dynamized water

We have seen therefore that water has a vital energy which comes from the movements of its natural dynamics and from the natural energy of the environment which surrounds it to be its interface with respect to the living biological systems which drink or bathe in it! Water from nature captures, stores and transmits:​

  1. electromagnetic energy from the sun (electrons-photons-protons),​
  2. magnetic energy of a terrestrial (magnetic fields) & gravitational origin,​
  3. vacuum energy from scalar waves or torsion fields that would carry information-energy. It seems that any mass or fluid in rotary motion = spin = vortex (dynamized water!) generates active torsion fields. In addition, any object whose geometric shapes correspond to the proportions of the golden number Phi (1.618) would also be a generator of torsional fields but passively (shape waves). The torsional fields would be memorized in structured water, in particular water containing ionized salts (minerals).​

This energy would be transformed into electrical energy which would trigger biochemical reactions in the human organism. This energy would therefore help to make our cellular metabolism work (activate cellular communications). Water would be an interface (receiver-transmitter) between energy radiation from nature and matter, which would activate the functioning of biological processes. Water is life !​

​The Biodynamizer® reproduces these conditions in order to communicate to the dynamized water the energy characteristics comparable to water which gushes or flows in its natural environment, ie having a hexagonal molecular structure and photonic energy. This energy will be transmitted to the energy body (aura). See the electrophotonic analyzes on this subject. Indeed any conductive liquid (water with minerals = city water) in movement (vortex) in a metal tube (copper) which is exposed to magnetic fields (permanent magnets) sees born within electric currents with electronegative charge which will ionize the water (electron transfers which will modify its electrical charge) and this in proportion to the speed of the water flow (amplitude) and the power of the magnetic fields emitted. This energy will feed what is called the membrane voltage of cells (electronegative charge between – 50 mV & – 90 mV) which is used to open and close their ion channels which are voltage dependent and which allow nutrients to enter and toxins-waste to exit from the body (= activation of cellular exchange -> functioning of metabolism).​