Biodynamizer B to B

Do you want your employees to benefit from water comparable to mountain water? Or do you want to use dynamized water in your restaurant, hotel, commercial activity or winery, farm, brewery or other?​

Biodynamization serving the quality of your production

Whether you are active in the catering industry, baker, farmer, greenhouse, viticulturalist, … and you want to integrate the Biodynamizer® to improve the quality of your products, contact the B2B team at Dynamized Technologies, without any commitment on your behalf, by sending your specific request to ​

Dynamized Technologies offers third-party production companies (BtoB) the possibility of including on its labels its  figurative and verbal certification label “Biodynamized” (see hereunder). This in order to indicate to the customers of these companies that their products have been developed using the natural process of biodynamization of liquids “Biodynamized Technology System” described in its regulations of use which lists the 21 principles of biodynamization applied in the device of dynamization Biodynamizer®. This process helps to regenerate (dynamize) liquids by reproducing its spontaneous movements when it flows freely in nature and this through vortices. The “Biodynamized” brand will thus make it possible to distinguish the products concerned by giving them the natural qualities linked to their dynamization.