L'eau biodynamisée est hydratante
  • Dynamized water that is drunk has a lower surface tension and is therefore more hydrating for our cells! She has a “more wetting” power which optimizes the penetration of water into the cells (via the aquaporins) and in particular allows the correct elimination of toxins, which is absolutely not the case of water with high surface tension which will dehydrate cells and cause them to age prematurely. “If the nutrients cannot enter the cells because of the high surface tension of the water, then the cells become dehydrated and die from the accumulation of their own wastes” Nobel Prize winner Alexis Carrel.
  • It is interesting to know that water is not directly hydrating for the skin! Indeed, the epidermis constitutes a barrier which is protected by the famous “hydrolipidic film” which prevents water from entering your body.
  • However, when tap water is not filtered, it contains polluting substances, which can then enter the body! This is how chlorination residues present in tap water are absorbed during baths or showers through the skin or by inhalation. This way represents 70% of this type of contamination! The remaining 30% is done by drinking it. The filtered and dynamized water protects you from this type of contamination!
  • Dynamized water reduces very significantly the water oxidation (by making water reductive or physiologically compatible) and participates in cell regeneration (by increasing the electronic activity of water it helps to fight free radicals).