Bioelctronique de Vincent - Sylvie Henry Réant
How Antioxidants Work On Free Radicals

BEV analysis (Bioelectronic of Vincent analysis using Hanna Instruments calibrated electrodes and the formulas of Professor Joseph Orszagh at the University of Mons-Hainaut in Belgium) carried out by Sylvie Henry Réant, ENSCP Chemical Engineer, Master 2 Biology, in Rhode Saint Genèse (Belgium) on 19.05.2020

BEV (Bioelectronics of Vincent) analysis confirms that the Biodynamizer will have a real impact on water by making it significantly less oxidized & more biocompatible. Based on the parameters measured during the BEV analysis, we can say that the Biodynamizer:

  • very significantly reduces the oxidation potential of water (by making water reductive or physiologically compatible),
  • by increasing the electronic activity in water it helps to fight free radicals and participates in cell regeneration,
  • preserves energy much better in water (by reducing the dissipation of energy, see also on this subject the electrophotonic analysis which attests that!)
  • facilitates the removal of minerals through the intestines (in dynamized water the minerals are more in colloidal form) and facilitate their metabolism

Explanations of the results obtained during the analysis:

  • rH2 factor of untreated tap water from Rhode Saint Genèse = 36.3 -> 29.7 for dynamized tap water, i.e. an exponential drop in water oxidation of 6.6 units (+/- 4 coming from the biodynamizer and +/- 2,5 from the biofilter) or 10-6.6 or more than 4,000,000 times less oxidizing! The rH2 (which quantifies the activity of the electron in water and characterizes the oxidizing or anti-oxidant aspect of water, it is calculated from a specific electrode) is calculated on the basis of following measurements: pH (acidity-alkalinity) = 7.6 (tap) -> 7.5 (dynamized), the temperature of the water = 13.5 ° C (tap in the cellar) -> 16.5 ° C (biodynamized in the kitchen), and the redox potential = 385.2 mV (tap) -> 209,5 mV (biodynamized) = potential difference measured by a voltmeter, the conductivity remains unchanged at 750 µs / cm ; Analyzes repeated all day long with measurements every 3 minutes and with device calibration ; BEV ideal balance = pH 7 & rH2 ≤ 28
  • Vincent’s energy quantification (W of Vincent = dissipative power of water in terms of energy, function of its conductivity, pH and rH2) goes from 400 µW /cm3 for untreated tap water to 180 µW /cm3 for dynamized tap water. This means that biodynamized water preserves energy better which will be favorable for cellular functioning (see on this subject the importance of membrane voltage).
  • Less oxidized water is a coherent water whose electronic activity increases (many free or available electrons which can be donated) which promotes the neutralization of free radicals (which oxidize water and produce cell degeneration and therefore cell aging and facilitate the metabolism of minerals because they are surrounded by coherent / reducing water whose electronic activity (electrons negatively charged) promotes their entry into cells (via ion channels);
  • The Biodynamizer will participate to transform the ionic form of minerals (electrically unbalanced ions) present in tap water into colloidal form. These will remain in suspension in the water and will become electrically neutral (the structure of the minerals changes, they precipitate, agglomerate, become larger, see also the section on minerals and limestone on this subject). Minerals in colloidal form do not pass the intestinal barrier and are therefore evacuated rather through the stool (intestinal) without therefore overloading the kidneys (which evacuate via urine)!

Importance of reducing water to fight free radicals that oxidize the body:

  • Oxygen (breathing), inflammation (heat or pain following an infection or other), or oxidative stress (caused by alcohol, tobacco, “industrial” food, …) can cause production of free radicals. Those are unstable molecules which lack an electron, and which come to rebalance by stealing them from our other (stable) molecules. By looking for this electronic stability and by recovering one electron in our cells, this free radical oxidizes them! When a cell is oxidized, it causes premature aging of our entire body and it can cause certain diseases or premature aging of the skin.
  • Only molecules with electrons that can be easily mobilized (antioxidant molecules) are capable of neutralizing free radicals (by transferring one of their free electrons to them which will rebalance them). Antioxidants allow our cells to avoid degenerating and stay healthy. Fruits and vegetables contain a large amount of antioxidants when they are organic and freshly picked. Biodynamized water can have the same effect. The measurement of the factor rH2 makes it possible to quantify the reducing quality of the water.