Magnétisme - magnetism - Biodynamizer

Magnetism in the Biodynamizer: The ANNULAR MAGNETS

Emissions of magnetic fields emitted by several natural ring magnets in rare earths, one of which is gold plated ;

There is a very strong interaction and amplification of energy between the toroidal magnetic field & the columnar vortex of water in the hyperbolic funnel!

credit – ESA/ATG medialab

Magnetic energy, a natural energy under our feet that energizes water​

The Earth’s magnetic field is produced by the rotation of the Earth (counterclockwise movement) which generates in metals and molten rocks, which are located 1,500 meters deep in the Earth’s crust, electric currents which are captured by inorganic minerals. These are the  minerals that water will take away during its earth cycle. The magnetism of the Earth is around 0.5 Gauss (0.05 mT); This magnetic field is always perpendicular to the electromagnetic field (and vice versa). Magnetism is energy (in the form of photons) which is directly captured by water and via the minerals it carries!

Magnetic fields and water

  • Magnetic fields flow from Magnetic North (geographic South Pole) to Magnetic South
  • The magnetic field is, with the electric field, one of the 2 components of the electromagnetic field (which is characterized by its wavelengths/frequencies and its energy = photons)
  • The magnetic fields polarize the water molecules (and thereby neutralize the artificial electromagnetic pollution present in the water) and transfer energy to them (movements of electrons which exchange virtual photons)

Permanent magnets restructure hydrogen bonds by polarizing H2O dipoles

  • Indeed, any conductive liquid (water with minerals = city water) in motion (vortex) in a metal tube (copper) which is exposed to magnetic fields (permanent magnets) sees the birth within it of electric currents with electronegative charge which will ionize the water (transfers of electrons which will modify its electrical charge) and produce tension at the cell membranes and this in proportion to the speed of the water flow (amplitude) and the power of the magnetic fields emitted ” when a fluid of sufficient conductivity is in motion, the lines of magnetic forces follow the lines of water flow and the magnetic field is proportional to the stretching of the lines and therefore, as the lines of magnetic forces are stretched, the magnetic field will also strengthen“, Control over nanocrystalization in turbulent flow in the presence of magnetic fields, S. Kobe 2003).
  • The permanent magnets of the Biodynamizer are made of natural rare earths (very powerful neodymium magnets). They have a tetragonal crystal structure which gives them a very high magnetic anisotropy. This gives them superior magnetic properties (gradients) in the direction of the orientation of the magnetic energy towards the water which is in circulation. There is a very strong interaction between the magnetic energy emitted by the permanent magnets and the kinetic energy of the vortex movement that the water follows in the Biodynamizer (their kinetic and magnetic energies amplify each other.
  • In addition, one of the ring magnets of the Biodynamizer is plated in fine 24K gold in order to transmit a specific dynamization frequency to the water.