Magnetism in the Biodynamizer: The ANNULAR MAGNETS

Emissions of magnetic fields emitted by 2 natural ring magnets in rare earths, one of which is gold plated with diametral and radial magnetizations (toroidal);

There is a very strong interaction and amplification of energy between the toroidal magnetic field & the columnar vortex of water in the hyperbolic funnel!

credit – ESA/ATG medialab

Magnetic energy, a natural energy under our feet that energizes water​

The Earth’s magnetic field is produced by the rotation of the Earth (counterclockwise movement) which generates in metals and molten rocks, which are located 1,500 meters deep in the Earth’s crust, electric currents which are captured by inorganic minerals. These are the  minerals that water will take away during its earth cycle. The magnetism of the Earth is around 0.5 Gauss (0.05 mT); This magnetic field is always perpendicular to the electromagnetic field (and vice versa). Magnetism is energy (in the form of photons) which is directly captured by water and via the minerals it carries!