Dynamized water in bakeries

Comparative analysis between bread containing dynamized water and bread containing tap water in artisan bakeries (24.01.2020); Water constitutes +/- 60% of the ingredients of a bread!

Dynamized dough:

  • A honeycomb structure (air bubbles) of the paste is clearly better distributed, more structured, more regular, more harmonious and finer which is induced by the molecular structure of dynamized water!
  • More compact and firm, less oxygen (less oxidation) and a higher hygrometry rate (87%> <81%) which makes the dough more flexible, sticky

Dynamized bread:

  • A much higher hygrometry rate over time +/- 20% (83,8% >< 69,2% for 8 days) which gives a finer texture to the dynamized bread and a more compact and supple crumb
  • A Bread which better preserves the aromas of fresh bread, a softer aspect which has more chewiness and cracks less quickly

Dynamized baguette:

  • For the sourdough baguette, the nose is more intense with biodynamized water,
  • The honeycomb structure is better distributed.

Generally, the kneading time is shorter with the dough made from dynamized water.