Why filter tap water?

Before dynamizing tap water, it is important to first remove any remaining pollutants, otherwise they would be activated. To do this, we offer high-performance filtration of new technology using activated carbon compressed in a hollow fiber that incorporates ionized silver.

The Biofilter is probably the most efficient and effective large capacity * activated carbon filter on the market.

* filter cartridge valid +/- 1 year for a family of 4 people.

The Biofilter will remove a large part of the pollutants that would still be present in city water (i.e. chlorine, bad tastes and odors, corrosion of pipes, bacteria, chemicals, nitrates & nitrites, sulphates, heavy metals …) while preserving its trace elements and minerals which are good for our health.

The limestone is therefore not retained by the Biofilter, like a softenerwould do (which produces “functional” water and which only protects your household appliances), but is restructured (from calcite to aragonite) by the Biodynamizer.

The minerals are preserved and restructured (in colloidal form) by the Biodynamizer in order to facilitate their assimilation and evacuation.