The natural frequencies in the Biodynamizer

The aquifer part is entirely surrounded by minerals (more than 10 Kg) from nature:

  • Volcanic lava stone
  • Carrara marble
  • Ceramics informed by efficient micro-organisms (EM)* which emit infrared frequencies of low frequencies compatible with living things; product certified authentic by EMRO

* Clay mixed with several complementary strains of fermentation bacteria, fungi, and yeasts, existing in their natural state and emitting far infrared waves favorable to life and water (theory of Prof. Dr. Teruo Higa).

Fréquence minérale

The dynamizing frequencies of copper, gold & silver in the Biodynamizer

Cuivre or argent

Transmissions of noble metallic frequencies :​

  • Copper & Brass (aquifer part):
    • very smooth surface condition with very little roughness (avoids friction with the wall of the tube) which enables the water to flow at a very high speed: which generates kinetic energy
    • Noble metal which material is antibacterial & antiviral
  • Gold (the 2 annular magnets are gold plated): noble metal with a high frequency of dynamization
  • Silver (used for brazing copper & brass parts): noble metal & anti bacterial