The restructuring of water

Dynamized water is restructured water comparable to natural water that springs spontaneously from its source (this restructuring comes from movement & magnetism present in the Biodynamizer)​

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​This molecular structure of water would be an interface, an “information reader” and a “transmitter” of the energy that arounds us.​

Cluster d'eau

Illustration of the structure of water molecules

water molecule

Illustration of a water molecule

Water is full of energy

  • Dynamized water contains more energy (in terms of light or photonic energy) like mountain or waterfall water. This is all the more important as our body needs this energy in order to operate cellular communication and metabolic functioning!The energy of dynamized water also has greater photodiversity (in terms of quantity, quality and stability), i.e. a wealth of information. We believe that this richer energy transmits more information to the vibratory being that we are according to the currently accepted scientific equation: energy = vibrations = frequencies = number = code = information = consciousness.

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