Vortices are spontaneous movements of Nature and Life

The natural movement of liquids in nature takes place according to the dynamics of the vortexed, spiral, helical, whirlpool movement. This movement occurs clockwise (dextrorotatory) and counter clockwise (levorotary). Water is energy in motion. This kinetic energy of movement caused by Earth’s gravitation will energize, regenerate, revitalize or invigorate water. This vortex movement, which is the movement of energy, is reproduced thousands of times inside the Biodynamizer®​

“Observe, understand & copy nature”​ Viktor Schauberger

Nature is the main engineer of the Biodynamizer

​Since then the R & D department of Dynamized Technologies:​

  • Has existed for billions of years
  • Has an unlimited budget
  • Has undertaken billions of experiments!

The Biodynamizer® is approved by Nature

Vortices in nature 

The natural cycle of water (which lasts +/- 27 days) allows us to observe nature and understand how it recharges water with energy in order to better copy it.​

Cycle de l'eau
  1. Water in rivers will dissipate  energy produced by gravitational pressure via numerous vorticesand carries in it’s flow rock sediments
  2. Rainwater percolates through the mineral layers of the Earth which it carries through water veins to the groundwater
  3. Earth is a magnetosphere whose minerals transported by water captures it’s magnetic energy
  4. The sea surface currents are in constant vortex movements and charge the water with marine sediments
  5. The Sun radiates water with its electromagnetic energy (photons)

The Biodynamizer reproduces the water cycle in nature in an accelerated way

  • The vortices make it possible to transmit kinetic energy to the water (speed of rotation/spin => energy cascade) and to increase the dissolved oxygen in the water (bactericide)
  • Magnetism makes it possible to transmit photonic energy to water (in the electron/photon sense) this generates an increase in the amplitude of light radiation in the water
  • Minerals make it possible to transmit natural frequencies to water (= low frequencies compatible with living things, i.e. vibrations in spatial and temporal coherence)

The natural flow of water which is reproduced by the forms of the Biodynamizer borrows from nature the following movements:​

  • The Turitelle induces a triple centripetal vortex* which accelerates water generating a swirl imitating a tornado. *To be differentiated from centrifugal vortices, ie vortices generated by a rotating blade powered by electricity (= electromagnetic pollution!), generating from the bottom base of the water tank an explosive “centrifugal” movement which goes towards the periphery at the top of the tank (ascending vortex) where the vortex rotation is slower! These vortices disperse energy! …
  • In the Magnetic Tube at the exit of the centripetal funnel of the Turitelle: the water is exposed to very strong magnetic fields which transmit a lot of energy to it which is amplified by the swirling of the water (vortex-magnetism interactions).
  • The Serpentine produces a double vortex reproducing the meanders of rivers.​
  • The egg is the life-giving matrix in which a columnar vortex develops like a waterspout at the heart of the Biodynamizer. The water rotates around its own axis and its speed increases towards the inside of the central axis. Here the water swirls in free flow and its kinetic energy is at its climax (thousands of vortices are produced!).​
  • The Hyperbolic Funnel accelerates and extends the columnar vortex to the sanitary pipes of the house.​
    The whirlpool funnel is the only form on Earth that reaches the highest hierarchies” Rudolf Steiner​

Vortices in rivers

Visualization of the longitudinal vortices generated by the stones in the bed of mountain rivers. Massif des Aravis February 2020, credit Dynamized Technologies©

Vortices in rivers

Visualization of the vortices generated by the stones in the bed of mountain streams. Champéry august 2020, credit Dynamized Technologies©

Vortices in rivers

Visualization of the vortices generated by the stones in the bed of mountain rivers. Champéry august 2020, credit Dynamized Technologies©

Vortices in rivers

Visualization of the vortices generated by the stones in the bed of mountain rivers. Lindarets Montriond France august 2020, credit Dynamized Technologies©

Vortices in the sea

Sea currents in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Each second of the video actually lasts 3 days. The different colors represent the depth of the currents – the white waves are close to the surface, the darker colors are deeper waters. NASA Credit (2013)

Vortices in the sea​ (underwater wave vortices)

Underwater vortex produced by the rolling of a wave in the sea. The Biodynamizer produces identical movements to regenerate tap water.

Accelerations-decelerations of water

Visualization of the flat surfaces succeeded by relief narrowings which induces accelerations & oxygenations (bactericide) of the water. Stream in the Aravis massif February 2020, credit Dynamized Technologies ©

The columnar vortex in the transparent resin prototype of the Biodynamizer®

Columnar vortex in free flow: ​

  • The vortexed double serpentine has a tangential entrance at the top of the egg and extends into the hyperbolic funnel. These shapes induce a columnar vortex with a constant diameter which is a cylinder of air (which is naturally present in tap water) and water vapor which crosses the whole egg and which is surrounded by water. This movement resembles that of a waterspout (which is a column of air mixed with water)
  • This columnar vortex is:
    • in free rotation (without friction with the walls of the egg),
    • swirls very quickly around its axis (this speed is illustrated by the length of the columnar vortex which crosses the entirety of the egg). These thousands of vortices are generated by:
      • the 2 tangential tap water inlets under pressure from the public network,
      • the ovoid shape of the device
      • flow gravity
    • surrounded by water which causes it to rotate in the same direction but much more slowly
    • very stable (constant diameter)
    • a low-pressure zone (phenomenon of hydrodynamic cavitation: vaporized water)
  • The 2 cylinders (air-water) are separated by an interfacial zone (oxygen – water). The hydrodynamics of the columnar vortex makes it possible to increase the transfer and absorption of dissolved oxygen in the rotating water, in particular thanks to the greater duration of hydraulic retention (Hydraulic Retention Time) and the wide area of the interfacial zone along the columnar vortex* which has a bactericidal effect (on this subject, see the microtoxo study carried out by Dynamized Technologies). The columnar vortex and its thousands of vortices continue their rotation well beyond the Biodynamizer in the sanitary pipes.

*Study: Delft University of Technology, “Vortices in Hyperbolic Funnels as Aeration Systems”, Teja Donepudi 27.08.2021