Researcher: Pier Rubesa (Ir. of sound), Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland​

Bioscope study ordered by SA Dynamized Technologies on 13.09.2016 on the basis of a device applying the principles of dynamization similar to the Biodynamizer®.​

Process: The Bioscope is a spectrometer which analyses changes in the electrical properties of water following the emission of a low frequency electrical signal (136 Hz) sent into the water via an electrode. The interpretation of the measurements (distortion between transmitted & received signal) is computer assisted. The analysis mainly focuses on energy displacements (in terms of electrons / protons), electrical field dynamics, in particular towards the low frequency ranges = frequencies emitted by the “living” * = notably the cells​

* William Ross Adey professor of anatomy and physiology at the University of California “Electromagnetic Fields and the Essence of Living Systems »:“Laboratory studies have tested a spectrum of EM fields for bioeffects at cell and molecular levels, focusing on exposures at athermal levels. A clear emergent conclusion is that many observed interactions are not based on tissue heating. Modulation of cell surface chemical events by weak EM fields indicates a major amplification of initial weak triggers associated with binding of hormones, antibodies, and neurotransmitters to their specific binding sites. Calcium ions play a key role in this amplification. These studies support new concepts of communication between cells across the barriers of cell membranes; and point with increasing certainty to an essential physical organization in living matter, at a far finer level than the structural and functional image defined in the chemistry of molecules.There is increasing evidence that these events relate to quantum states and resonant responses in biomolecular systems, and not to equilibrium thermodynamics associated with thermal energy exchanges and tissue heating.”

Le Bioscope observe une biocompatibilité fréquentielle nettement plus grande de l’eau dynamisée

The Bioscope observes in dynamized water a shift in energy towards low frequency levels (in Hz), more compatible with living things.

Surface spectrum before & after the passage of water in the dynamizer: the water pulses towards low frequency levels​ in Hz (z-axis) ; Decrease in the spectral phase of dynamized water

1/ Dynamized water observed by the Bioscope seems to have greater frequency biocompatibility due to:

  • The displacement of energy towards low frequency levels (in Hz), compatible with the living (in particular the vibratory level of cells), dynamized water pulses at lower frequencies! This demonstrates a good electrical organization of dynamized water.
  • A drop in the spectral phase of dynamized water, which indicates an increase in electronegativity and decreases the oxidation of water.”The overall function of the dynamization treatment device clearly modifies the electrical quality of the tested waters rendering it less prone to oxidation while increasing it’s overall electrical flux potential (greater electronegativity).
  • The sharp increase in the spectral amplitude of dynamized water, which indicates a better electrical organization of energy.​

2/ A plant watered by dynamized water will absorb more energy and have better electrical stability!