In order to be able to offer you an optimal solution, SA Dynamized Technologies funded analyzes carried out by scientific devices based on the Biodynamizer® and its prototypes (or devices applying similar principles of dynamization) by different researchersrepresenting different disciplines and from different countries. The results of these constitute a bundle of concordant indications which tend to highlight the biocompatibility of dynamized water on biological organisms including Man. 

Studies on dynamized water

The primary purpose of the Biodynamizer® site is to popularize and disseminate the latest information observed about the dynamization of water (or its often used synonyms, revitalization or activation or energized). We would like to share the lessons and observations from the analyses carried out with scientific devices and sponsored by SA Dynamized Technologies (which manufactures the Biodynamizer®) on the dynamization of water. In doing so, we wish to bring, as far as possible, all the scientific rigor, objectivity and structuring of information on dynamized water. The results obtained from this research come from studies in which we participated, or from analyses that we have carried out by laboratories. Our goal is to try to understand all the magic and mysteries of  living water.

 These analyses, although incomplete, provide a bundle of concordant indications which tend to prove the benefits of dynamized water on the living being of which we are a part. They confirm that dynamized water comes as close as possible to water comparable to that which springs naturally from a mountain source or spring. Even if none of the analyses and observed phenomena presented on our site can claim on their own to constitute “irrefutable scientific evidence”, it seems essential to us to share them because they were carried out by pioneering researchers in different scientific disciplines. They have developed scientific devices in order to try to objectify observations and to uncover the mysteries of water which, fortunately, will never be fully discovered! In fact, we often come up against the lack of adequate or existing scientific apparatus capable of measuring all the subtleties and properties of this hyper-sensitive liquid that is water and, a fortiori, dynamized water. Nevertheless, each result presented, and its correlative interpretations constitute a small piece of the great puzzle of Life, conveyed by one of its most illustrious interpreters, natural water, free and living.

All the following analyses were carried out by SA Dynamized Technologies on the basis of the Biodynamizer® and its prototypes or devices applying similar principles of dynamization. These analyses are the most recent performed on dynamized water to date. They were carried out between 2014 and 2020.

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