• Mechanism: 21 principles of dynamization of water are applied, consisting of mechanical vortices & magnetic fields + transmission of natural mineral frequencies
  • No maintenance, no consumables​
  • Flow: sufficient flow for a private house inhabited up to 8 people (58 l/mn at 3 bars)
  • Certificate of conformity for metals in contact with water (22-FST9-060) issued by Eurofins on 15.11.2022: All materials in contact with water (copper, brass) used for the manufacture of the Biodynamizer comply with “the French regulation of 25.06.2020 relating to metallic materials and products intended for production, distribution and packaging installations which come into contact with water intended for human consumption” and that brazings (with silver) are also compliant with “the French regulation of 10.06.1996 relating to the prohibition of the use of brazings containing lead additions in fixed installations for the production, treatment and distribution of water intended for human consumption
  • Certificate of compliance in terms of the release of metals (copper, zinc, silver) into water intended for human consumption after passing through the Biodynamizer issued by Buildwise (ISO 9001 certified) on 19.12.2022 which confirmed that the concentrations of metals (copper, zinc, silver in mg/l) in the water do not exceed the European legal standards (EU DIRECTIVE 2020/2184 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of December 16, 2020 relating to the quality of water intended for human consumption) and Belgian standards (Appendix XXXI, Part C indicator parameters, of Book II of the Environmental Code constituting the Water Code) in terms of concentrations after direct sampling and after residence time of 1 hour, 24 hours, 48 ​​hours and 3 weeks in the Biodynamizer
  • Approved by Belgaqua according to the EN1717 standard (conformity check of appliances connected to the water distribution network and approval of protection against backflow)
  • Operating pressure: min 3 bars – max 5 bars. The aquifer part of the device resists pressures up to 10 bars and complies with European Directive 97/23 / EC concerning pressure equipment​
  • Tightness test certificate: each Biodynamizer is tested at a pressure of 10 bars for 3 minutes under water in order to check its tightness
  • Legal warranty (2 years)
  • 3/4 inch brass fittings
  • Dimensions Biodynamizer (cylinder + fittings): 90 cm x cylinder outer Ø: 160 mm, weight: +/- 19 kg (+ 2,2 L with water in the device​)
  • The Biodynamizer is manufactured by S.A. Dynamized Technologies – Sentier Muraes 10, 1440 Braine le Château – Belgium – VAT: BE 0646898542 – Company number at the ECB 0646898542​

« The Biodynamizer is the most complete water dynamization device on the market because it applies 21 principles of dynamization. ​

21 principles of dynamization of water - Biodynamizer