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The Biolimescaler® : Additional limescale treatment device (for very hard water over 40 ° f, french degrees)

  • All mineralized water (including tap water) contains limestone which is transformed under the effect of heat into scale which initially appears in the form of aragonite (softer and more soluble scale) which eventually turns into calcite (hard and compact scale which becomes encrusted and hardens inside sanitary pipes).
  • This limestone will precipitate around the resistances of the boiler-water heater (which heats the water up to a maximum of 55 ° C) and will turn into tartar, which will reduce its energy efficiency, but it will, in time, also become embedded to the inside of the sanitary pipes with the risk of clogging them!
  • In order to avoid these inconveniences, it is therefore necessary to treat this limestone by transforming its mineralogical structure in order to make it more soluble, which prevents it from becoming encrusted. Limestone therefore remains present in the water, but it no longer has any inconveniences.
  • Thanks to its permanent magnets and the magnetic fields generated, the Biodynamizer treats limestone for all tap water with a hardness of up to 40 ° f (French degree).
  • Above 40 ° f (French degrees) of city water hardness (very hard water), we therefore recommend placing an additional limescale treatment device, the Biolimescaler® (in addition to the Biodynamizer®). The Biolimescaler® treats limestone by modifying its mineralogical structure (from calcite to aragonite) as well as the morphology of the limestone crystals (their size increases = early germination of the tartar). In addition, Biolimescaler® helps to eliminate existing encrustations in the pipes.
  • The Biolimescaler® is made up of 12 natural magnets in samarium-cobalt alloy surrounded by food-safe Teflon which produce an intense alternating magnetic field (NS / SN) of 10,000 Gauss (1 T). Result:
    • There is no longer any adherence of scale inside the sanitary pipes
    • Old limestone incrustations disappear
    • The mass of scale remaining around the resistances and in the bottom of the boiler decreases very significantly
  • The Biolimescaler® requires no maintenance, no consumables, no electricity, no drainage and is guaranteed for life!

The Advantages of the Biolimescaler®

The advantages of the Biolimescaler®:

  • Requires no maintenance
  • Does not require any electrical connection
  • Does not require salt or other chemicals
  • 100% ecological and good for the environment
  • Extends the life of your installations
  • Treats limestone along the entire length of the building’s sanitary pipes (regardless of their length)
  • Is guaranteed for life

The Technical sheet Biolimescaler®

  • Fittings: ¾ inch male diameter (placement can be done in both directions)
  • Dimensions: 60 x 135 mm
  • Weight: 1.7 Kg
  • Capacity (flow): 60 liters / minute
  • Use only on the cold-water circuit at max 35 °C!