Preserve nature: stop pollution

Structured water is one that is not trapped in a bottle. Life is movement, stagnation is death. Dynamized water reproduces the natural cycle of water in an accelerated way without being static and contaminated by a plastic container which will have to be transported and recycled. The Biodynamizer, placed just after the water meter, uses tap  water to supply the entire dwelling with water comparable to mountain water. The Biodynamizer therefore participates in cleaning the planet. 

Preserve our planet: plastic is catastrophic!

  • Pollution of mineral water in plastic bottles:
    • PVC / PET (Poly Ethylene Terephthalate) is transmitted to water by capillary action. Tests were carried out on 250 plastic bottles of 11 brands from five continents. They showed that 93% of the bottles were contaminated with plastic microbeads (notably polypropylene, polystyrene, nylon or PET). There is an average of 315 microparticles of plastic per liter of bottled water.
    • In 95% of cases there are traces of endocrine disruptors (DEHF: Di Ethylhexyl Fumarate) in the mineral water of a plastic bottle.
  • Environmental pollution of plastic bottles:
    • The ecological footprint of a person who consumes 1.5 L of mineral water in plastic bottles per day is 150 kg of CO2 / year (packaging counts for 70%, then transport for 20% and distribution for 10%).
    • Plastic takes 500 years to disintegrate!​
    • If it is not recycled, in 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea!
pollution plastique

Preserve our planet and the purity of it’s water

The pollution of groundwater and surface water that supply the tap water

More than 100,000 chemical pollutants (including 3,300 drugs) end up in the environment and therefore end up one way or another in tap water. Micropollutants are likely to have a toxic action, even in minute concentrations, on human health and ecosystems!

In a 193-page report on the quality of the groundwater that feeds tap water throughout France, a report dated June 2013 carried out 400,000 analyses on 411 organic pollutants (phytosanitary, pharmaceutical, industrial & agricultural, plasticizers, household pollutants and hazardous substances). The analyses confirmed that in 42% of the cases the maximum pollution thresholds were reached! This is why it is essential to filter tap water!

 This is all the more important since 67% of French people drink tap water (source: the Water Information Center)

Carte de la France
67% des français consomment de l'eau du robinet tous les jours

Credit : Centre de l’Information sur l’Eau ©