Water is above all an energy interface which “feeds” our vibratory body and our consciousness. Thus the importance of drinking living water comparable to that which can be found in nature and which humanity has drunk for millennia!

Human is made up of conscious energy!

The physical world is a vast sea of energynothing is solid everything is energy. In this seaMan is a liquid crystal in which energy pulses.

Science teaches us that a person is made up of atoms for 0.01% of its volume and “magnetic / quantum” vacuum for 99.99%! The compacted atomic matter of 3 people does not represent more than a pin head! In comparison :

  • 1 hydrogen atom (matter) = orange (fruit)
  • 1 electron (energy) which revolves around the hydrogen atom = a grain of sand 5km from the orange-atom

Some scientists make the equation between energy & information. Energy is a vibration which is a frequency that can be converted to a number (of wavelengths), which in turn can be interpreted as a code = information which feeds consciousness! “Energy codes, water decodes!” And this decoding would occur by phase coherence domains: +/- 10 M – 30M of liquid water molecules linked by hydrogen bridges would oscillate at the same frequency (synchronized) as the energy which crosses it . This information would be “captured” and “transmitted” to our DNA & Proteins which would allow cellular communication and would trigger biochemical reactions in the organism.

Illustration of a water molecule

In conclusion

As we have seen, water would have in it a vital force which would be structured by its natural dynamics and by the energy which would pass through it to serve as an energy source for living biological systems! Water would be an interface intended to capture, store and transmit:

  1. magnetic energy of terrestrial origin (magnetic & gravitational fields),
  2. electromagnetic energy from the sun (electrons-photons-protons),
  3. vacuum energy from scalar waves or torsion fields that would carry information. It seems that any mass or fluid in rotary motion = spin = vortex (dynamized water!) generates active torsion fields. In addition, any object whose geometric shapes correspond to the proportions of the golden number Phi (1.618) would also be a generator of torsion fields (but passively). These would be stored in structured water, in particular water containing ionized salts (minerals).

This energy would be transformed into electrical energy which would trigger biochemical reactions in the human organism. This energy would therefore help our metabolism to work (activate cellular communications).

Water would be an interface (receiver-transmitter) between energy radiation from nature and matter, which would activate the functioning of biological processes. Water is life !

Dynamized water would have a molecular structure that would allow greater receptivity to cosmic and terrestrial energies that it would amplify and transmit to our energetic body (aura). See the electrophotonic analyzes on this subject.